About Financial Reform

I started this blog way back in 2011 when I first began working in the field of Internet Marketing. Back then, we had several finance industry clients and i was tasked with finding UK based finance bloggers as part of our outreach strategy. It was then that i realised, that there simply wasn’t that many out there! There were tonnes of US based finance bloggers but not many in the UK at all. That’s where the idea of FinancialReform.co.uk was born.

During the early stages i was keen to post regularly, but having little experience of writing – other than University coursework – i found it a struggle, still do sometimes. There have been times when I’ve outsourced the upkeep of the blog, times when I’ve neglected it and times when I’ve really worked to make it a success. So lets just see where it goes…


About Me

The years leading up to me starting this blog we’re very difficult financially. I haven’t talked about it yet on here, but I am hoping to do so one day. All I can say for now is that I’ve been through the worst I could have possibly imagined and come out much better and stronger for it.

But my financial journey began when I was still in High School. Got my first job at 16, working weekends in a retail outlet. As i moved on to college, I worked as a waiter for several months before finding my way behind the grill counter at McDonalds! From there I was back in retail for several years, where i worked my way up to middle-management until one day, I realised that i was so far off from my life plan that i needed a correction!

So, off I went to University, at the age of 24 as a mature student. I paid my way through University by working in call centre based sales jobs – did quite well out of it too! But as i was leaving university, the property boom was just about to explode, so I took whatever money I had and put into buying houses. I enjoyed that, and learned a great deal too. Thought i’d be doing that for the rest of my life, until… the recession hit and property prices crashed and lenders stopped lending. It was the first time since leaving university, that i had to go out and get a job… that’s when i got into internet marketing, and this website was born!


Thanks for reading 🙂