UK Money Art

After the Superhero Money Art post from a few weeks back, we thought it would be good to feature a post with just UK defaced banknotes. We’ve scoured the interwebs for a fortnight or so and come to the realisation that we Brits’ probably like money too much to vandalise it!!

Finding good examples was tricky to say the least, but here are the best we could find:

The all seeing eye!


Miss Winehouse… RIP!


Time for tea…


That sinister smile!


The Wicked Witch of the West!


The Troll!


Ghost Rider!



And our personal favourite, the People’s Princess!


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Superhero Money Art

It’s been a while again since the blog was last updated. Life get’s busy and some things get neglected… so we’re kicking off 2017 with a Superhero inspired post…


Yes, it’s a rather scary looking Hulk… but he is our favourite Superhero so we’re starting here!


The Dark Knight looking moody and broody as always!


Who doesn’t love their friendly neighourhood Spiderman??


Can you imagine what this would do to Tony Stark’s already over-inflated ego??


The first Avenger, Captain America… we love this guy!


Ashamed to say that I’d never heard of Starlord until Guardians of the Galaxy dropped, but I’m a fan now!!



“I am Groot”


Always on target… Hawkeye!


Gotta be one of our favourite money transformations… great work!


The hammer of the gods… Thor and Mjolnir!!


Cowabunga dude… Raphael is the one for me but Donny will do!


The force is strong with this one!


We’re still on the lookout for others, so please feel free to get in contact if you have something that you would like to have featured!


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Gotta Learn To Switch Off!!

It’s the Sunday before Christmas, and I’m still working… not good… mental note to self…


Sooo… i’m creating a ‘Funny Money’ section for a little bit of light relief – inspired by my friend Dave who sent me this…

I’m sure Barack Obama will probably have his face on a bank note at some point in the future… being the first black President in US history… but i doubt it will look anything like the mock-up above!!

Gonna see if i can find some more funny money pictures…

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